House Democrats Announce Plan To Subpoena Trump’s Personal Records


Everyone knows that Donald Trump has been a very corrupt businessman. We already know that he’s cheated on his taxes, ripped off vendors, and been sued too many times to count. Now, the man who will likely be in charge of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), has plans to investigate Trump’s personal business transactions. He wants to subpoena records from Trump’s dealing with Deutsche Bank to find out if his financial interests in Russia are affecting his foreign policy positions.

In an interview with The New Yorker Schiff said that the banking records should show us whether Trump was involved in money laundering with Russian interests or not. Schiff asked in the interview:

‘Is that why Trump is so pro-Russian? Is his financial interest guiding his foreign policy?’

He went on to say:

‘We are going to be looking at the issue of possible money laundering by the Trump Organization, and Deutsche Bank is one obvious place to start. The American people have a right to know that their President is working on their behalf, not his family’s financial interests. Right now I don’t think any of us can have the confidence that that’s the case.’

Once Schiff takes over the House Intelligence Committee from the corrupt Devin Nunes he will be able to restore the credibility the body used to have. When Nunes was in charge of the committee it was a farce that did nothing but try to protect Donald Trump. They never intended to find real answers about Trump’s dirty dealings, and things are going to change now for sure.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who will become the Speaker of the House in January, has thrown her full support behind Schiff’s investigation. She told The New Yorker:

‘I have complete confidence in him to be very strategic in how he returns the Intelligence Committee to a bipartisan arena, without doing what Devin Nunes did as chairman of the committee, which I thought bordered on the criminal.’

Hopefully, Schiff will finally be able to dig up the real truth on what’s driving Trump to do the things he does. One thing’s for certain…today’s news must be shaking Trump to his core and making his blood run cold. The jig’s nearly up for him.

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