Washington Post Drops List Of Multiple Investigations Into Trump


During the 2016 presidential campaigns and ever since Trump took office, he has made endless accusations against everyone from Hillary Clinton to President Obama to anyone else who ever said a critical word about him.

Now, Trump is finding out that being president means being scrutinized no matter how much you try to deflect. Currently, every single organization Trump has ever touched is being investigated by state and federal courts in addition to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe.

The Washington Post listed the scope of the investigations into Trump, and it was shocking.

‘Trump’s private company is contending with civil suits digging into its business with foreign governments and with looming state inquiries into its tax practices.’

Trump promised to donate every penny of profit from his businesses from a foreign entity to charity in order to avoid violations of the emoluments clause. As it turns out, his company is not even tracking those payments and a lawsuit is pending.

‘Trump’s 2016 campaign is under scrutiny by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, whose investigation into Russian interference has already led to guilty pleas by his campaign chairman and four advisers.’

The Mueller investigation has heated up in recent weeks after 33 seperate indictments have been filed over the course of the investigation. With the sentencing of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and his first national security advisor, Michael Flynn, the investigation seems closer to proving what everyone knew all along.

‘Trump’s inaugural committee has been probed by Mueller for illegal foreign donations, a topic that the incoming House Intelligence Committee chairman plans to further investigate next year.’

The recent allegations about his inaugural committee has not only Trump under scrutiny, but daughter Ivanka, as well. Inflated prices on rooms in Trump’s hotel and other misappropriation of funds from the inaugural committee constitute even more finance violations in additions to ones made by Cohen as hush money to Trump’s mistresses.

‘Trump’s charity is locked in an ongoing suit with New York state, which has accused the foundation of “persistently illegal conduct.”’

The investigation into his “charity,” which no one can prove ever donated much money to anyone, reveals what are perhaps the most deplorable violations. Money donated to the charity went for personal expenses such as paying off lawsuits and life-sized paintings of Trump instead of to any charitable cause.

‘On Capitol Hill this week, weary Senate Republicans scrambled away from reporters to avoid questions about Trump…[and Trump] spent more time than usual in his official residence this week, with more than two dozen hours of unstructured “executive time,” said a person familiar with his schedule.’

The investigations are weighing on the president as well as the Republican party, who led multiple investigations into Clinton and Obama that led absolutely nowhere.

Featured image via Flickr by Matt Johnson under a Creative Commons license