James Comey Enters Sunday Twitter War With Trump & Donald Got Smoked (IMAGES)


It’s clear that Michael Cohen’s public statements and confession in court has Trump terrified, and it should. It’s clear from Cohen’s testimony, which is backed up by recordings of his conversations with Trump, that the then-presidential candidate instructed his attorney to commit multiple instances of felony campaign violations. Cohen will spend three years in prison, partly because of those felonies. Trump should, as well.

While Trump insists that the hush money payments he directed Cohen to pay had nothing to do with campaign donations, the president of AMI has confirmed that they were. No president is above the law, and Trump should and will be held accountable.

His fear led him to issue ridiculously outrageous tweets about the FBI. The former FBI Director James Comey, fired by Trump to suppress the investigation into the alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, angered Comey. He expressed that anger and frustration on Twitter.

First, attorney-client privilege does not apply to any action in which a client committed a crime in collusion with his attorney. This is not “absolutely unthinkable & unheard of,” it’s a long established law.

Second, Trump’s deflection to the DNC and the FBI’s “failure” to seize their servers after reports of Russian hacking is not similar to his own situation. Neither the DNC, nor Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff, were accused of crimes. They were the victims of a crime. They had no obligation to turn over any personal property to law enforcement, and the FBI approved their request to have an outside firm inspect and create a report on what was found on the servers to give to the FBI.

Twitter agreed with Comey’s anger. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Atlantic Council under a Creative Commons license