Trump Finishes Sunday Talk Shows & Has Afternoon 4-Tweet Paranoid Meltdown


Anytime Trump starts truly losing it on Twitter, posting tweet after outraged tweet, some big shoe is about to drop. On Sunday, Trump went on a rant, insisting that some of the most random and completely non-credible sources are “required watching” and that they, with absolutely no knowledge of the Mueller investigation’s evidence, had proven the entire thing to be a “hoax.”

Rod Blagojevich is currently in prison for trying to sell Obama’s empty Senate seat when he was elected president, and Jerome Corsi is the origin of the birther myth that Trump used to catapultĀ himself into the political spotlight. Corsi also was in contact with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange during the campaigns and told informal campaign advisor Roger Stone in texts that the illegal DNC hacking was coming.

Why their wives are credible sources to Trump is nothing but a matter of their willingness to support Trump’s lies.

Trump’s insult for Jeff Sessions makes no sense. The investigation began during Trump’s campaign, which Trump himself said in the next tweet, well before Sessions was appointed as Attorney General and chose to lie to Congress, which led to him being forced to recuse himself. As much as Trump wants to shut down the investigation, that isn’t going to happen, and Sessions couldn’t have helped him with that, anyway.

Trump continues to believe that Obama’s Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch lied for and protected Obama after his many fabricated crimes and he’s furious that he can’t get anyone to do the same, but he’s finding out that DOJ just doesn’t work that way.

Twitter taunted Trump with the truth. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license