‘New Yorker’ Releases Mueller Cover Photo That Has Trump In His Feelings (IMAGE)


Donald Trump is the worst president the nation has ever seen, and we have seen everything from illiterate to criminal here in the great United States of America. Trump lives up to the reputation he built himself in his hasty attempts to make sure that people think he can get any woman he wants, only, now we know he has to pay women to spend any time with him at all.

Trump is a walking punchline, getting mocked at every turn. That includes magazines, whose cover photos have been so perfectly anti-Trump that no one can deny the accuracy of them.

The New Yorker is the latest magazine to release a Trump cover, but this one doesn’t feature Trump at all. Instead, the man who will bring Trump down, Robert Mueller is depicted as Sherlock Holmes smoking a Trump pipe. See for yourself:

The New Yorker released the cover image via their Twitter page, and the responses they got from their readers spoke volumes as to how the nation feels about this president. Check out the best reactions below: