Senate Intelligence Committee Reveals Bizarre Russian Troll Farm Details


Lies and misinformation from Russia have put this country in dire straights. Because of them, we’re now stuck with Donald Trump in the White House until he’s either impeached, indicted, or resigns. A new report released today by the Senate Intelligence Committee shows that a Russian troll farm has been using more lies and misinformation to discredit Special Counsel¬†Robert Mueller.

The Russian troll farm called Internet Research Agency (IRA) used multiple social media platforms to post messages that sought to frame Mueller as corrupt and untrustworthy, according to research firm New Knowledge. In their attempt to discredit Mueller, IRA also sowed a lot of distrust and discord in the U.S.

The Washington Post reported that the IRA had used Instagram to link Mueller with radical Islamist groups, and researchers with New Knowledge said they also used Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms as well. But discrediting Mueller wasn’t their only goal, they also used their lies to attempt to suppress black voters and generally spread outrageous conspiracy theories.

Their disinformation campaign overall targeted some of the most divisive topics in U.S. politics, including distrust in the media, minority rights, feminism, law enforcement, and more, researchers found.

But Mueller really had the last laugh where the IRA is concerned, because earlier this year he indicted the St. Petersburg based firm, along with other Russian bodies involved in the disinformation campaign, on criminal charges.

The bombshell analysis by New Knowledge was submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee this week alongside another report conducted by researchers at the¬†University of Oxford and the digital analytics firm Graphika. It’s too bad that regular Americans fell for all those Russian lies. If they had used their common sense we wouldn’t be saddled with a corrupt, failing, liar sitting in the White House right now.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube