Top Democrat Makes Eric/Trump Jr. Money Laundering Announcement


The investigations swirling around Donald Trump have begun to cut deeply enough into him to draw blood. One of the biggest issues for Congress has been, where has the president been getting his money? U.S. banks stopped lending to him, because he did not pay them back. When the Democrats take office January 3, 2019, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) will become the powerful chair of the House Intelligence committee, and he cannot wait to take Trump on.

POTUS had been going to Deutsche Bank to get his money. Yet, the bank has historically dealt with Russian money laundering. When Schiff appeared on NBC’s Meet The Presshe said:

‘Well, the concern about Deutsche Bank is that they have a history of laundering Russian money. They paid hundreds of millions of dollars in fines to the state of New York because they were laundering Russian money, and this apparently was the one bank that was willing to do business with the Trump Organization. Now, is that a coincidence? What are we to make of what the president’s sons said about not needing to deal with US banks because they got all of the cash they needed from Russia or a disproportionate share of their assets coming from Russia. If this is a form of compromise, it needs to be exposed.’

The old phrase “Follow the money” has proven true, especially with Trump. Even though the president is — or claims to be —  a billionaire, he has had the reputation of being extremely tight. He has also had a reputation of refusing to pay the smaller contractors, who worked on building his casinos. What could they do? The commander-in-chief would quickly bankrupt them with court costs. Some of them went bankrupt anyway as a result of Trump’s cheating.

Then, there was the issue of the president’s tax returns. Throughout his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump kept insisting that he was being audited. Once the audit was over, he would release them — he never did.

Schiff would be able to tell from those returns how the former leader of the free world has been connected to Russia financially. The California representative might also find out about any ties the Trump family has had to Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, the president saw the Saudi’s as deal makers, whereas, the rest of the world saw the country’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in another light. Bin Salman lured The Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi to the Saudi embassy in Turkey. Once there, bin Salman’s men tortured him, assassinated him, then cut his body up in pieces to bury in a local garden.

Trump sent his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to see Mohammed bin Salman. The two men were pictured sitting together, smiling. That was not even a slap on the hand. Instead, the Senate had to take action, a rarity for them under this administration. According to The New York Post:

‘The first was a resolution — with no opposition — that places responsibility for Khashoggi’s death squarely on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The second bill, which passed by a vote of 56 to 41, would cut off all US assistance to the Saudi war in Yemen.’

The U.S. has also been aiding bin Salman in the Saudi’s war in Yemen. The result has been called the largest humanity crisis in modern memory. Three million children starved to death, because the Saudis block humanitarians from coming into the country with food. After a bomb dropped by the Saudis blew up a bus full of children, remnants of the bomb showed the made-in-America logo.

Congress will be very busy starting in the next few weeks.

Featured image is a screenshot of YouTube.