Mueller Opens Investigation Into Trump’s Mental State & Donald Is Raging


It seems as if Donald Trump has spent every single day of his presidency dodging justice in one way or another. Over the past few months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has had to send over a list of questions to the White House for Trump to answer. Trump was too terrified to meet Mueller in person, so he agreed to write down his answers. Well CNN reported a couple of days ago that Mueller wasn’t happy with Trump’s responses and now wants him to sit down for a formal interview.

It appears that Mueller seems to think that Trump’s responses were not enough. He’s never said that he’d give up the hope of interviewing Trump in person even after he received his written responses. CNN’s Pamela Brown reported that sources close to the investigation said that Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said that they will be denying Mueller’s request for a sit-down meeting. She also said:

‘Mueller’s interest in talking with the president continues, and it includes an interest in asking questions about the president’s state of mind in regards to actions under scrutiny in the obstruction probe.’

This is extremely bad news for Trump. In fact, it seems like every new day piles more and more bad news right on top of his head. Because of his leadership of the new Republican party, Trump caused them to lose the House last month in a big way. That’s going to put Democrats in charge of the House Intelligence Committee and they said today that they’re going to be investigating Trump’s finances.

With all these damning news reports going against Trump, how long will it be before he just gives up and resigns? It’s been reported that he’s extremely worried about getting impeached so he must feel the walls closing in around him. Now that he’s learning that Mueller still wants to talk to him it must feel like he’s on a quickly sinking ship.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube