Trump Releases First 2020 Campaign Ad & It Is The Most Pathetic Thing Ever


No one has a greater appreciation for Donald Trump than Donald Trump. He might even be the best president in the whole world, according to him. The man currently sitting in the Oval Office just put out his first 2020 campaign ad, crushing the wish of people who hoped he would just fade away. POTUS thought it would be a good idea to put a techie in front of the camera to explain that this president accomplished more than any other president in history. Was he ever wrong.

He stuck his digital media director for the campaign, Brad Parscale, in front of the camera to entice people to call his boss. Does Trump realize that most technical people enjoy working by themselves and many are not people persons? The whole thing was a disaster.

New York Magazine and HuffPost contributor, Yashar Ali hit the message right on the head. He tweeted:

‘First 2020 ad? This Trump ad, featuring his campaign manager @parscale, just aired on CNN. It’s a minute long and asks viewers to call an 800 number to leave a thank you message for POTUS. I called the number and it leads to a fundraising appeal (not unusual for pres campaigns) ‘


Former federal prosecutor and commentator, Renato Mariotti, had this to say about Trump’s message:

‘”President Trump has achieved more in his time in office than any president in history.” – @parscale

Lincoln freed the slaves.
FDR led us to victory in World War II.

Trump … cut corporate taxes and imposed tariffs?’


President Barack Obama’s White House director of progressive media and online response, Jesse Lee, commented:

‘Trump should put Parscale in every ad, he is just the bleakest’


Roland Martin is the host of the Roland Martin Unfiltered daily digital show. He said:

‘This Brad @Parscale TV ad demanding folks call a number to tell @realDonaldTrump thank you is beyond laughable. He actually says that @RealDonaldTrump has “achieved more during his time in office than any president in history.” Do they drug test at campaign headquarters? Geez. ‘

Parscale started with the Trump Organization in 2011. His job has been building websites and digital media strategies. Then in 2016, he moved to the 2020 Trump reelection campaign.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.