Obama Dresses Up Like Santa – GOP Heads Explode Over Black St. Nick


No matter what anyone’s views on President Obama’s politics may be, it can’t be denied that he has an adorable soft spot for children. That tenderness was on display once again at a hospital in Washington, D.C., where he donned a Santa hat to deliver gifts to children hospitalized during the holidays.

Obama made his way through the hospital, visiting children in groups and one-on-one in their rooms. According to The Washington Post:

‘First on Obama’s list was a group of patients 4 and up who were making snowflakes in one of the hospital’s playrooms. After the excitement died down, the former president handed out jigsaw puzzles (which were his grandmother’s favorite, he told the crowd), Hot Wheels sets, remote-control cars, and glittery nail polish, among other goodies collected by Obama and his staffers. Hey, the guy knows his audience.’

Staff, parents, and children were delighted by the visit and expressed their excitement at meeting the president. Chief Executive and President of the Children’s National Health System Kurt Newman said:

‘I know they will be talking about it for years to come. At such a busy time of year, when no one wants to be in the hospital, his natural warmth lifted the spirits of those kids, their parents and of each staff member he met along the way.’

Obama offered gifts and kind words to all, with an added voice of encouragement to one teenager along with some priceless advice.

‘Obama Claus also dropped by individual patient rooms for one-on-one visits with children and their parents. He gifted one 12-year-old patient who was nervous about heading to high school next year a piece of advice: “Even the cool kids don’t have it all figured out.”’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube