Stephen Miller Throws Nasty Anti-Immigrant Tantrum – Blitzer Shuts Him Down


Desperate to hold onto his base in the midst of a multitude of crises hitting the White House at once, Donald Trump badly needs a win. Whether or not that’s a win for the American people, he doesn’t seem to care.

After a whirlwind of breaking news regarding the upcoming spending omnibus, including Trump’s promise not to sign any bill that didn’t include $5 billion to build a wall along the southern border and saying that he’d be “proud” to shut down the government over it, then saying he would sign the bill and get the $5 billion elsewhere, to now insisting that unless the bill that just passed in the House that includes his funding passes in the Senate, the government will be shut down on December 22, just three days before Christmas.

Stephen Miller went on CNN to push Trump’s agenda of fear-mongering around undocumented immigrants and defend Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria. He became quiet escalated as he talked and began to yell, saying that there is a massive wave of immigrants headed to the southern border who present a national security crisis right now.

In a dramatic statement, Miller yelled “how many more innocent people have to die in pursuit of an open border agenda?” At that point, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had had enough.

‘Calm down a minute, we don’t have to yell. The American people deserve to know where you, the president, and the White House stand .’

See the tense moment when Blitzer shut Miller down below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube

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