Melania & Barron’s Weekend Plans Without Trump Revealed – Where’s Donald


Mr. Trump has promised to shut down the government over funding for a U.S.-Mexico border wall. According to The New York Times:

‘Hours before a midnight deadline, White House officials and senators scrambled on Friday to cut a deal to avert a partial government shutdown, as President Trump, unwilling to drop his demands for funding for a border wall, sought to blame Democrats for a crisis that he had previously said he would proudly own.’

Amidst the crisis, First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron headed to Mar-a-Lago on Friday afternoon despite the fact Mr. Trump wasn’t with them. It is still questionable as to whether he will join them for the holidays. Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for the first lady’s office said that it has long been the family’s tradition to spend Christmas at their waterfront Mar-a-Lago estate.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

‘The president had planned to join his wife and son. But the White House said Trump would stay in Washington if parts of the government are forced to shut down at midnight Friday.’

Last Tuesday in a heated argument with Democratic Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Trump said:

‘I am proud to shut down the government for border security. I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it. The last time you shut it down, it didn’t work. I will take the mantle of shutting down. And I’m going to shut it down for border security.’

On Friday, Trump tweeted:

‘The Democrats now own the shutdown!’

At a White House bill signing, Trump said the government is “totally prepared for a very long shutdown.”

According to The New York Times:

‘Several House lawmakers blamed Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer for the impending shutdown, arguing that they were unwilling to compromise on border security. But with Democrats set to reclaim the House majority in two weeks, there is little motivation for Ms. Pelosi to acquiesce to the president’s demands.’

Trump will continue to blame and pin Democrats for the pending partial government shutdown. After The House adjourned on Friday evening, it was imminent that a partial government shutdown would happen at midnight. The Times reported:

‘In the aftermath of Mr. Trump’s insistence that he would own a government shutdown, House Democratic aides had already begun crafting legislation that would reopen the government come Jan. 3 and the swearing in of new members.’

The Houston Chronicle reported that even in the event of a government shutdown, many agencies including the Pentagon and the departments of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services, are funded for the year and would continue to operate as usual.

According to CBS News:

‘This would be the third shutdown under Mr. Trump’s presidency, following two very brief shutdowns over the span of one month earlier this year. Before Mr. Trump took office, no shutdown had occurred when one party controlled the House, Senate and White House since the 1970s, when the federal government shut down under Jimmy Carter.’

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