Sarah Sanders Goes Full Stupid During On-Camera Govt. Shutdown Interview


It’s pretty safe to say at this point the United States federal government will suffer a shutdown at midnight Saturday morning. Although President Donald Trump swore he’d happily take the blame for any government shutdown, all White House fingers are pointing anywhere but the president’s badly spray-tanned faced.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was caught making remarks on camera regarding who is to blame for the government shut down, and the Trump lapdog of course pointed all blame toward Senate Democrats this time around.

She remarked:

‘It’s a sad day in America when the Mexican government is doing more to protect our borders and stop the illegal flower of drugs, human trafficking, and terrorists across our border than Senate Democrats are willing to do.’

This comes after Trump tweeted earlier Friday that it would be the fault of Democrats if the government shut down.

‘Shutdown today if Democrats do not vote for Border Security!’

Although a bill was passed in the Senate that would continue negotiations between the White House and Congress for a spending bill, there is no way at this point for a spending bill to be passed before at least a partial government shutdown occurs.

Sanders can make all the flippant remarks she wants. However, it does not erase the fact that Trump said he would be happy to take the blame for a government shutdown. Literally, he was caught on camera saying it.

If Sanders wants to talk about sad days, we have plenty of sad days to talk about, and they have nothing to do with border safety. It is a sad day in America when the institution of free speech is attacked regularly by the president of the United States. It’s a sad day when we won’t stand up for institutions like freedom of the press by standing up to our supposed allies when they kill journalists.

It is a sad day in America when an entire country is absolutely divided on whether their president is a Russian operative helped by the Russian government. It’s a sad day in America when the Russians meddle in our elections, and the president denies this despite there being iron-clad proof.

It’s a sad day when children are shot in mass shootings and Republicans won’t take action against the gun lobbyists that seem to own Congress.

It’s a sad day when children are ripped from the arms of parents and put into cages at the border because they sought asylum from their violent home countries. It’s also pretty damn sad when a child dies in ICE care for dehydration and shock. It’s also sad when people sit and say it was the parent’s fault for wanting a better life for their daughter.

It’s disgusting when the president tweets out a design idea for a border wall that looks like a medieval method of torture. He called it beautiful.

It’s also sad to know we have a president that has literally been caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women.

In all honesty, America at this point is just a sad country.

Featured image via Twitter screenshot.