Supreme Court Asked To Intervene In Mystery Mueller Filing – Trump Panics


Mr. Trump has clearly been implicated in felony crimes which Michael Cohen received a three-year federal prison sentence for on December 12, 2018. His legal battle is only getting worse, and amidst a government shutdown due to the president not getting the funding for his border wall, more news is coming from the Mueller front.

On Saturday, it was reported that a new legal filing has asked the Supreme Court to intervene for the first time in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election. According to Bloomberg:

‘The document, which is under seal, stems from a Dec. 18 federal appeals court ruling that required an unidentified company, owned by an unidentified foreign country, to turn over information to a grand jury.’

Although public information doesn’t mention Mueller or the investigation, the dispute is believed to be tied to Mueller’s probe. Bloomberg reported:

‘The grand jury dispute has been shrouded in mystery, in part because officials closed an entire floor of a federal courthouse in Washington during arguments on Dec. 7. Politico linked the case to Mueller in October, citing a conversation overheard by a reporter in the court clerk’s office.’

According to the appeals court order, the company was described only as a “corporation” owned by “Country A.” The panel comprised of three judges “rejected contentions that a federal sovereign-immunity law shielded the company from having to comply.”

The new filing asks Chief Justice John Roberts to temporarily block that ruling. The name of the person who submitted the application is not visible on the online docket. Only the number of the appeals court case is listed.

There has been much speculation about where Mueller will take the investigation next and who else may be indicted soon. According to NBC News, it has been reported that Mueller could submit a confidential report to the attorney general as early as mid-February.

A lawyer who has been in contact with the Mueller team said:

‘They clearly are tying up loose ends.’

According to NBC:

‘The sources either did not know or would not say whether Mueller has answered the fundamental question he was hired to investigate: Whether Trump or anyone around him conspired with the Russian intelligence operations to help his campaign.’

NBC reported:

‘Mueller has not made public any evidence proving such a conspiracy, though he has rebutted in court filings the president’s assertion that neither he nor any of his top aides had met or talked with Russians during the 2016 race. They did, according to Mueller; and, in the case of his lawyer’s negotiations over a Trump Tower in Moscow, Trump knew about it, court filings say.’

In the long-awaited report, Mueller is expected to address whether or not Mr. Trump obstructed justice. So far, Mueller has charged 33 people and convicted three senior Trump associates — former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and lawyer Michael Cohen.

Another sign that Mueller is ready to move forward is the fact that he has already moved forward with the sentencing of Manafort, Cohen, and Flynn. However, if Mueller does move to subpoena Trump that could delay his report considerably as it would likely spark months of litigation. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker would also have to approve the subpoena.

There were a few comments from Twitter regarding the mystery filing:

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