Commanders & Troops In Syria Respond To Trump’s Military Withdrawal Lies


Donald Trump decided one morning a few days ago that our troops, located in Syria, need to come home. Some have said he’s just simply lost his mind, while others argue that we’ve been there too long and are no longer needed. Well, at least that is Rand Paul’s thinking.

In a stunning turn of events, General James Mattis left two months ahead of schedule, which transpired in a very obvious resignation over numerous strategic and moral disagreements. It was, in fact, revealed that Mattis left in protest of Trump.

Now it is being revealed that military service members are equally as confused as the rest of the world about Trump’s hasty decision to pull out of Syria. It is said they “have no idea” what is currently happening and that they have no clear directive on how to move forward or even what is to be expected in the coming weeks.

General Robert Neller who is the Marine Corps commandant, located at Bost Air Field in Afghanistan, said regarding the specifics of the pullout:

‘That’s a really good question. And the honest answer is I have no idea.’

Trump has been receiving pushback by both sides of the aisle. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois stated that Trump’s split-decision seems to be a political move, aimed at making his base believe that he would have the troops home before Christmas. This is (operationally) not at all possible nor is it an option without extreme consequences.

The Journal, who interviewed top commanders added:

‘The Marines have laughed with their leader and his honesty, but it belied a frustration among officers and personnel about the lack of details from Washington: If Gen. Neller, one of the highest-ranking officers in the American military doesn’t know what’s happening, who does?’

General Austin Miller told The Journal that intelligence has recently come in the form of news reports because there has been no official communication from the White House or the Pentagon.

Gen. Neller continues:

‘I don’t think anybody really knows exactly what’s going to happen.

‘I’ve read the same stuff in the newspaper you did, I have a little more knowledge than that, but not a whole lot more.’

Makes you wonder what the hell is really going on in regards to Trump’s Syria move. What we do know is that Russian president Vladimir Putin is thrilled to have heard the news.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.