Trump Caught Using Taxpayer Cash During Shutdown For Mar-a-Largo NYE Party


Now on Day 5 of Trump’s government shutdown (and as millions of people across the country share their stories of how this shutdown is impacting their lives), one thing is good and ready to go in just six days; Mar-a-Largo New Year’s Eve party preparations in Florida for Trump’s winter party season.

That’s right- While the country, particularly government employees in the hundreds of thousands, suffer through a selfish political pawn in the form of a whopping $5 billion dollars for Trump’s border wall, he along with his closest friends, family, what colleagues he may have left from Washington, DC and paid Mar-a-Largo members will be living it up at lavish events. Events that you and I are both helping front the bill for.

Quartz has discovered that per public government spending data, seen in more detail here, there is a charge in the amount of $54,020 by the United States Secret Service with a description that reads “TENT RENTAL FOR MAL” (MAL being short for Mar-a-Largo).

The name of the place that Secret Service has been requesting their party loans from in Florida is called Grimes Events & Party Tents, Inc. The business is located in Delray Beach, Florida. Quartz reached out to confirm the Secret Service rentals and when they called a lady named Honey assisted and confirmed: “We are providing tents for the New Year’s Eve party, yes.” (The rental company has a 1-Star review on Yelp, and the comments left by customers are shocking. Why so low-rent, Secret Service?)

Last year’s NYE festivities cost the Secret Service $26,457.28, and that bill included lights, generators, tables, and tents. The event will cost the resort’s members a whopping $1,000 each, jumping from last year’s cost of $750 per person. Across all of the resort’s membership price points, event tickets for this year’s bash have gone up at least $50 to a few hundred, depending on what type of membership you hold. has another hefty price tag purchase for $41,250 for generators and light towers for MAL, however, it isn’t clear if this purchase is for NYE or a different event although both expenditures were made on the same day.

When Quartz asked the US Secret Service for more specifics about the spending, their reply was that they:

‘cannot discuss specifically nor in general terms the means, methods, resources, costs, or numbers we utilize to carry out our protective responsibilities.’

Interesting, the level of secrecy when it comes to what exactly our tax dollars are going towards. Also of note; pretty sure most Americans didn’t get an invite to this expensive, lavish party and that is just cruel.

Here’s a video from last year’s party where you can see your tax dollars, hard at work:

Time will tell if Trump actually makes it this year to Flordia for the party, paid for by us. It’d be a shame if he had to work through two holidays in a row, seeing as he works so hard the rest of the year.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.