James Mattis Returns & Spites Trump With Defiant Statement To U.S. Citizens


Last week, a lot of bad things happened to Donald Trump — one of the worst though was that he got the word that his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, would be fleeing Trump’s corrupt, ineffective, and sinking administration. Today while Mattis was hard at work on Christmas day, he penned a letter to our troops and recorded a personal message to them to boot.

In his letter to the troops he wrote:

‘To those in the field or at sea, ‘keeping watch by night’ this holiday season, you should recognize that you carry on the proud legacy of those who stood the watch in decades past.’

‘In this world awash in change, you hold the line. Storm clouds loom, yet because of you, your fellow citizens live safe at home.’

The U.S. Department of Defense posted his letter to their Twitter account for all to see.

It’s a shame that Trump was such an ineffective leader that he ran off a man like James Mattis. It’s obvious that he was doing a good job at his post but found the idea of taking orders from a buffoon too much to deal with. When Mattis tendered his resignation last Thursday he meant to stay in his position until the end of February. Unfortunately, Trump thought it would be better to rush the man out the door as soon as possible, so Mattis’ last day on the job will be December 31st.

In a letter to the Seattle Times, Tom Mattis said that his brother James was leaving the White House with no anger whatsoever. In fact, he was rather calm about the whole thing. He also said that Americans shouldn’t worry because this isn’t the last time we’ll see Mattis.

‘No one should assume that his service to his country will end. And the manner of his departure is yet another service to the nation. It is the very definition of patriotism and integrity.’

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