Trump Gets Weird & Tweets Error Ridden Christmas Evening ‘Fake News’ Freakout


Donald Trump really has no shame. The man is so narcissistic that he can’t even enjoy Christmas because it’s not all about him. The tweet he just posted is an attempt to pat himself on the back for a job well done…even though the only thing he’s done well is totally screw up this country. His error-filled tweet is nothing but an attempt to make people aware that he’s still here.

Let’s break this tweet down. First he’s still pushing the idea that all of our competent news agencies are putting out fake news. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only ones pushing fake news are Fox News and other right-wing-nut websites. Sadly Trump gets all of his news from that second group.

He then moves on to say that our country is doing great. Wait, what?? Didn’t the government just shut down? Didn’t the stock market just have its worst month of losses since the Great Depression? Aren’t farmers losing massive amounts of money and having their crops rot because our trading partners refuse to buy them in retaliation to Trump’s tariffs? Economists say a huge recession is right around the corner because of the things Trump’s done.

As far as securing our borders goes, he’s wrong about that too. Again, he’s shut down the government because of a temper tantrum about a wall he’ll never be able to build. Our borders are fine the way the are right now.

Bringing our troops back home? Sure, he has done that, but only because that’s what Vladimir Putin wanted. We’re leaving Syria in a huge lurch here and the result could be worse than ISIS. Putting America first, he says? Actually he’s not putting America first, he’s putting Russia first and destroying everything good about America in the process.

Check out what the twitterverse thought of Trump’s idiotic tweet.

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