Trump Holds Rally In Iraq – Tells Multiple Lies To Troops About Getting Raises


The president has no respect for the great men and women who give their lives to defend our nation. That’s why it took two years for him to visit a war zone, and many believe that he only did it because of the immense amount of backlash he recently received when he dissed fallen WWII soldiers in France.

Now that he’s finally decided to give the people what they want, or at least a fraction of it, he just can’t help but humiliate himself while doing it. Wednesday night, while speaking in front of troops in Iraq, Trump flat out lied to them more than once.

Trump said this:

“You haven’t gotten [a raise] in more than ten years,” Trump told troops. “More than ten years. And we got you a big one. I got you a big one.”

Trump then told a whopper about the amount of said raise:

“You had plenty of people that came up and said, you know, we can make it smaller,” the president said. “I said no. Make it ten percent. Make it more than ten percent. Because it’s been a long time.”

Both lies have been debunked before, making this a complete and utter show of disrespect for the people who fight for our country.

The people commenting on the above tweets were not very happy about the president’s unethical behavior, and this is what they had to say about it: