Emails From Americans Who Fell Victim To Trump AG’s Fake Business Go Viral


New details have emerged on Trump’s pick for acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and they  light on just how depraved Whitaker truly is — and may also add insight into why Trump chose this criminal for the role.

Per Reason Magazine and obtained from a response to a request for public information from tshede Florida Attorney General’s Office, 47 pages of consumer complaints have been uncovered related to Whitaker’s slimy company World Patent Marketing. In a now concluded investigation, Whitaker’s patent firm was discovered to have scammed 1,504 customers, totaling over $26 million in the company’s 3 years of existence.

Here are some of the excerpts from the complaints from people who have been scammed by Whitaker. An Illinois woman who was scammed out of $14,000 said:

‘My husband and I sent this company a lot of money. We do not have a lot of money. My husband has been very very stressed about this situation since January 15, 2015. We understand it is now in receivership and we are unsure what that means. Can you help us? My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran.’

The stories continue:

‘My husband, who is a retired veteran allowed me to use our savings for a product we still believe will benefit this country, including globally.

‘My fear of course, they have taken my money and never intended to file the patent. I have made numerous phone calls and they don’t respond.’

In looking around, I found this promotional video on YouTube which explains how World Patent Marketing can take your idea for an invention and help you realize your wildest dreams.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t lay out how the company will actually screw you out of your hard-earned cash and that, realistically, they offer no return- just an empty bank account and a huge headache.

Just look at some of the comments from this video:

A man from Florida said in his consumer complaint:

‘I’ve given them $25,000 of a $35,000 aside from the initial fee of $1995 and haven’t sent the balance because I asked for my money back about a dozen times for lack of services and all I get are empty promises.

‘I look forward to hearing from you regarding this unAmerican act against a 75 year old veteran.’

Remember, Trump only hires the “best people.” Click this link to read the consumer complaints about World Patent Marketing in full and decide for yourself if Trump’s statement is accurate.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.