Trump Jr. Cries On Twitter Over Media Criticism Of His Father For Iraq Visit


For people who complain that the left uses the “victim card” and are just “snowflakes” who can’t handle criticism or reality, the Trumps sure like to play the victim of the media, the polls, the American people, and pretty much everyone else when things don’t go their way.

Junior obviously doesn’t understand that it isn’t the media who made the rules around the politicization of the military. Our troops, as well as military leadership, are a non-political entity and Trump ranting about domestic policy and signing hats with a political message violates military rules. That isn’t a criticism of the troops, it’s a criticism of a commander-in-chief who cannot help but sow political division even on a Christmas trip to visit our men and women overseas.

Lest anyone forget, this is the son of a man who has brazenly attacked a former POW (the late Sen. John McCain), a Gold Star family (the Khans), and the man who coordinated the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden (Admiral Bill McRaven), for daring to speak negatively about him and disagreeing with his policies.

For Junior to even mention the word “trust” in relation to his father is also hilarious in its irony. A vast majority of Americans do not find Trump honest or trustworthy, nor should they. The man lies repeatedly each day, just as he lied to the military about the raise in their pay that he approved. As far as attacks on our troops go, that lie is possibly the worst attack from a domestic citizen imaginable since it affects their and their family’s everyday lives and is nothing short of disrespectful to their intelligence. They know what their paychecks say.

Twitter wasn’t buying the lies, either. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license