Trump Threatens To Close Entire Southern Border During Hateful Online Spiel


Our fearless leader is at it again, and this time, he is threatening to shut down the entire southern border of the United States if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall. The president spiraled into an insane rant Friday morning that has people mocking him hard.

The president is going off the rails right now, leading many to speculate that the pressure of being the worst president in American history is becoming too much for the pampered real estate mogul and reality television star to handle. The president has been showing serious signs of stress lately, and Mueller, as well as House Democrats, aren’t making the tiny tyrant feel any better.

The president just went on the following psycho rant:

Catch all that? How about the ridiculous misspelling of “lose?” Got that one? Not only is he illiterate, however, but he’s stirring up a new craze about a second caravan coming from Honduras, something his fan base really sank their fangs into the last time he pulled this crap. Remember that first caravan? The deadly gang of people who were coming to pillage and destroy America? Wonder why all that never happened?

And bringing the car industry back? The industry that is flailing thanks to Trump’s ridiculous tariffs on steel products? Hmm, I wonder what General Motors has to say about that? Maybe Harley Davidson has a response.

The people responding to Trump’s tweets definitely had plenty to say, and they were just as amused and angry as you are now. We saved a few of the best reactions for your viewing pleasure below: