Trump’s Post-Shutdown Approval Ratings Have Pelosi Doing Her Happy Dance


The president has had a pretty rough go of it these past two years, and it’s no one’s fault but his. He thought he would take over the president’s seat and run the office like his own personal business scheme. He thought he had the power of the American military to do his bidding for him, and if someone doesn’t want to give him his way, he will just threaten to withhold funds or take military action.

Now, all that bad behavior has come back to bite Trump in the rear, as the newest approval ratings have just come in, and he has even fewer people who agree with him using the American government as a pawn in some childish game.

A Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll was released by The Hill, and the results have Trump ready to rage hard.

According to The Hill:

“President Trump’s approval rating dipped slightly to 44 percent in December amid a partial government shutdown, according to a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey released exclusively to The Hill.”

“The poll was conducted earlier this week during a tumultuous period for the White House, as a partial government shutdown now stretches into its sixth day. At the center of that shutdown is a bitter standoff between the president and Congress over $5 billion in funds for Trump’s border wall.”

Trump’s morning was nothing short of insane, which could have something to do with these new numbers. Check out what he had to say Friday:

Screen-Shot-2018-12-28-at-8.25.41-AM Trump's Post-Shutdown Approval Ratings Have Pelosi Doing Her Happy Dance Corruption Donald Trump Top Stories

The Hill continues:

“44 percent of poll respondents said they at least somewhat approve of the job Trump is doing in the White House – 20 percent strongly approve, while 24 percent somewhat approve. That’s a two-point fall from a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll conducted last month that put the president’s approval rating at 46 percent.”

“Most voters – 56 percent – still disapprove of Trump’s performance in the Oval Office. Out of that total, 19 percent said they somewhat disapprove, while 36 percent strongly disapprove.”