Rudy Giuliani Tweets Bogus Saturday Night Lies & Gets Ripped On Twitter


In addition to blaming Democrats for the government shutdown, Mr. Trump has also been blaming them for the deaths of children in U.S. border patrol custody. Trump accepts no blame for his horrendous policies or the detrimental effects they are having on the country.

In the midst of all of this, Mr. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani jumped on Twitter Saturday night in an attempt to shred Nancy Pelosi. However, it backfired in his face. Giuliani tweeted:

‘Nancy Pelosi tell me it’s not true that while the President gave up his vacation because of the partial shutdown and is waiting for your counter offer, you are in Hawaii working on your tan. Nancy, HAWAII? Maybe time to return to obligations to serve the people first, you second.’

Twitter was quick to set the record straight especially about the fact that Nancy Pelosi is not the current speaker of The House.

Currently, Nancy Pelosi is the The House minority leader and will not assume her role as speaker of The House until January 3. As some Twitter users suggested, current Speaker of The House Paul Ryan must be missing in action.

Mr. Trump has now threatened to completely shut down the border if he doesn’t get the funding for the wall.

He went on in additional tweets making outrageous claims that closing the southern border would be a “profit making operation,” and that we should “bring our car industry back into the United States where it belongs.”

First and foremost regarding Giuliani saying that Nancy needed to “serve the people first,” the only person who needs to worry about serving the people is the president himself.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube