Trump Tweets Senate Border Wall Lie Like A Senile Reject & Gets Slammed


After Trump’s threats to shut down the government came into fruition on December 22,  he is continuing to blame the Democrats and Senate on his failed campaign promise for a border wall.

The issue with this tweet is multifaceted. First, the drama in Congress was laid out in plain sight for anyone to see; Prior to December 4, Republicans sought to find votes to get a bill through the House that will take care of the wall, without slashing spending, hope for a Democratic filibuster in the Senate for which they’d then blame Democrats for the failure. Initially, this set of steps didn’t pan out the way that Trump has hoped for. Eventually on December 20th, with the Republican majority voting to move the bill forward, the short-term funding bill was sent to the Senate.

It could just simply be that he doesn’t understand the way that Congress works. If a bill doesn’t get through the House, it won’t make it to the Senate. Basic knowledge.

Whatsmore is that rumor on the Hill is that Congress is aggravated with Trump; his behavior, the stark partisanship, and other issues. It’s gotten so bad that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are to a point now where they’re outright ignoring him and focusing on their own priorities so that they can get out of Washington ahead of their time there expiring.

Congress was already a mess, with much division, before the government even shut down.

Trump’s newest tweet, like usual, is completely misleading. The reason why Republicans can’t get the votes needed to pass the border wall approval is that it never entered the Senate, to begin with. The issues arose prior when Trump refused to sign off on the funding bill, which threw Congress into chaos.

Also worth note: The border wall is astronomically unpopular with both the general public and Democrats on the Hill. That bill, as we all know, was D.O.A. (dead on arrival).

Now, since Baby Trump isn’t getting his way, he’s outright lost his mind and has declared that now the border could be sealed off.

Here are some of the best responses to Trump’s tweet above:

Complete border shutdown on the horizon?

The government remains partially shut down and will stay that way into 2019.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.