Wife of Clarence Thomas Erupts Into Insane Conspiracy Theory Rant On Social Media


Under recent fire lately from all mainstream media outlets, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas, is turning heads and generating gasps with her questionable use of social media.

Thomas is under fire for her claims on social media that Democrats committed mass voter fraud, that student survivors of the Parkland, FL are a threat to the country and that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) “threatens the elite.”

With eyes now on the Supreme Court more than ever, thanks largely in part to the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco, some worry that Thomas’ comments on social media do damage to the Supreme Court of the United States by magnifying its politicization.

Some defend Thomas’ social media use by stating that it’s her right to speak to her mind and share her views, while others think that her outspokenness does more harm than good.

‘Members of the Supreme Court and their families need to think about ways that their public conduct can affect popular trust.’ – Deborah L. Rhode

Ginni Thomas has long spread fake news and has repeatedly shared posts from far-right social media pages such as Breitbart and items most likely to be shared by the likes of Alex Jones of InfoWars.

One of Thomas’ biggest hiccups was when she shared a post on her Facebook page that featured a bloodied police officer with the words “The media won’t share THIS, will they? It is an invasion, and thank GOD for President Trump.”

According to Snopes.com, regarding the highly-circulated photo:

‘The main photograph attached to this rumor (showing an officer with a bloodied face) came from a 2012 incident involving students (not migrants) and police officers near Mexico City. Revista Emeequis reported that the students had been staging a protest at the school for more than a week when police officers came in and attempted to evict them from the building. More than 170 students were detained and at least 9 officers were injured during the altercation.’

Some may remember her name from the news back when her husband was accused of sexually harassing Anita Hill in 1991. The Hill and Thomas drama was brought back to life and referenced heavily during the Christine Blasey-Ford and Brett Kavanaugh public testimonies.

In 2010 Ginni Hill saw an opportunity to chime in, and she made her media circuit rounds demanding that Hill apologize to her husband.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.