Jimmy Carter Lays Down The Law For Trump & Donald’s Not Going To Like It


People can say what they want about former President Jimmy Carter but one thing is a certainty. He’s been one of this country’s best informal ambassadors. He has spent all the years since he left the White House spreading goodwill and doing good work for the betterment of mankind. Today the Washington Post printed an op-ed he wrote urging the leaders in Washington and Beijing to start working together for humanity’s sake.

‘Leaders must bring new vision, courage and ingenuity to new challenges and opportunities, but I believe they also must accept our conviction that the United States and China need to build their futures together, for themselves and for humanity at large.’

He also said that if current hostilities between the two superpowers continues we could be looking at a new cold war. He especially ripped Donald Trump’s tariffs saying that neither country should be using national security as a means to “obstruct the other’s legitimate commercial activities.” He said that the tariffs and China’s retaliation to them are hurting both of our countries. His op-ed went on to say that

‘At this sensitive moment, misperceptions, miscalculations and failure to follow carefully defined rules of engagement in areas such as the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea could escalate into military conflict, creating a worldwide catastrophe.’

Carter also pointed out how dangerous climate change is and that he urges Trump to reenter the Paris Climate Agreement. He also urged both countries to work together to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

Unfortunately Carter’s recommendations will most likely fall on the deaf ears of Donald Trump. Trump thinks he knows the best way to run this country even though he’s failing dismally. The actions he’s taking in this world are extremely dangerous both from an economic sense and a common sense one too. He thinks he can use harsh words and bluster to force the Chinese into doing something they don’t want to do…but he’s playing a game he can’t win. Heck Trump can’t even keep our government open what makes Carter think he’ll listen to anything he has to say?

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