Kellyanne Busted Vacationing In Florida After Bashing Nancy Pelosi For It


Earlier today, Trump mouthpiece and supposed “personal” adviser, Kellyanne Conway, went on Fox News Sunday and bashed Nancy Pelosi for spending the holidays in Hawaii while the government is shut down.

Kellyanne also appeared on CNN on Sunday morning, making similar statements to those on Fox.

Incidentally, no one mentioned where Kellyanne was joining them from — her location, at the time, may have been unknown. It’s also possible that she had conditions in place with the two networks to keep them from divulging her location in exchange for the interviews. But the funny thing is — Kellyanne was vacationing in Florida and getting ready for Trump’s NYE party at Mar-a-Lago at the same time she called out Nancy Pelosi. I guess she thought no one would find out, but she was mistaken, as one Twitter user caught her at a convenience store in West Palm Beach and snapped this photo.

As you might expect, the response was not kind and she deserved to be taken down for her hypocrisy. Check out what the interwebz had to say:

It’s amazing the lengths that Trump and his cronies will go to in order to place blame on Democrats for this government shutdown, which happens to be all Trump’s fault. Kellyanne probably got some great reactions from Trump’s base for her funny little “Less hula, more moola” comment about future Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but it’s too bad she didn’t stay on Trump’s compound and out of the public eye, because all of her efforts to try to make Pelosi look bad just failed bigly.

Featured image via Twitter.