Mar-a-Lago Members Celebrating Trump Absence At NYE Party – Don Wigs


Donald Trump said himself that he’s taking credit for the shutdown of our government…even though he’s done nothing but blame other people. The Trump shutdown has put a lot of financial stress on a whole bunch of government workers. The Trump shutdown has even made Trump have to cancel his trip down to Florida to attend his own New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago. But some of those in attendance don’t seem to mind him not being there.

Vanity Fair reported that some of the club’s members say it’s a lot more pleasant when Trump’s not there. There’s not a lot of massive security getting in and out of the club and the atmosphere is a lot more casual, but some power-hungry influencers who had wrangled invitations hoping to gain favor with Trump weren’t very happy that he canceled on them.

After Trump announced that he wouldn’t be coming to the party, quite a few of them canceled their plans to attend also. That’s when they learned that they were still going to be charged exorbitant prices for their tickets because they hadn’t given a seven-day notice. Club members who canceled their tickets will still be charged $650 plus service fees, and non-members will be charged $1000 plus service fees. Vanity Fair reported that none of the service fees will be paid to the wait staff…the club will be keeping all the money for themselves.

At least people like that have that kind of money to burn. Unlike the government employees who will be either furloughed without pay or those who are forced to work without being paid because of the Trump shutdown. So it looks like the only person who will be coming out ahead in this deal is Trump himself. He cancels at the last minute and still gets to charge his customers and they receive nothing in return. That seems to be a common theme whenever someone does any kind of business with Donald Trump.

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