Trump Appears To Lose His Mind In Yet Another Rambling NYE Tweet Storm


Donald Trump sure does have a hard time making up his mind. First, he wanted money to build his wall, then he turned around and said it wasn’t really a wall, it was only slats in the ground. Then he said he just wanted money for border security, but when offered that money he said it wasn’t enough. Now he’s back to saying that he wants money for an honest to goodness wall. In a series of tweets today about his wall he sounds like an absent-minded squirrel with attention deficit disorder.

What he’s not saying in this tweet, and something he really doesn’t want his base to know, is that his so-called USMCA is nothing but the old NAFTA deal with a name change. In absolutely no way does it mean that Mexico is paying for his wall. If anything, it means that American companies will be paying the brunt of the money, not Mexico or Mexican companies. He goes on to add:

Yes, the Democrats will submit a bill…most likely the bipartisan one that gives Trump $1.6 billion to go towards border security, which he likes to call “the wall.” He seems to think that “tech” stuff is meaningless. But that’s because he doesn’t understand tech “stuff.” Things like night and heat-seeking vision for helicopters probably do more to stop illegal crossings than a wall that can be bypassed easily with a ladder. Trump’s understanding of technology stopped after he learned to set the clock on his VCR. He’s woefully behind the times.

So Trump thinks that walls and wheels never got better? That’s simply ignorant thinking. I’ve never seen cars using wooden or stone wheels on a racetrack or a wall that couldn’t be beaten using a ladder or rope…or a shovel. We need good border security and the best way to attain that is by using top-notch technology, not an ineffective wall.

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