Trump Delivers Unbelievably Stupid Twitter Tirade & Gets His A** Handed To Him


Donald Trump claimed that no matter what he did, the “Fake News and Pundits” would complain. He actually might be right about that, if he continues with his ill-considered actions across the world stage. Certainly, those who know anything at all about the military understand that bringing the troops back prematurely would be a terrible mistake. This is Trump’s solution.

The president wanted to bring back the military from Syria before ISIS was eradicated. Between 20,000 and 30,000 members of the terrorist group have been laying low, just waiting for the opportunity that Trump wants to hand them. He tweeted that he was “bringing our great troops back home:”

‘I am the only person in America who could say that, “I’m bringing our great troops back home, with victory,” and get BAD press. It is Fake News and Pundits who have FAILED for years that are doing the complaining. If I stayed in Endless Wars forever, they would still be unhappy!’

The job of the press has always been to keep the three branches of government honest. That has been quite a trick with this president in the White House. He has averaged 15 lies per day in 2018 as compared with almost five per day in 2017, according to The Washington Post.

When Trump was campaigning this fall claimed the Democrats were criminals, when they were relatively powerless. The Republican held the House, the Senate, and the White House:

‘Democrats have become the party of crime. It’s true. Who would believe you could say that and nobody even challenges it. Nobody’s ever challenged it. Maybe they have. Who knows? I have to always say that, because then they’ll say they did actually challenge it, and they’ll put like — then they’ll say he gets a Pinocchio.’

Now, POTUS has been blaming the Democrats and the press for Syria. Imagine how different things would be if the man sitting in the Oval Office took responsibility for his own actions.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.