Trump Flies Into New Year’s Eve Twitter Rant Like A Sick Tyrant


What better way for the liar-in-chief to end a year of escalating and desperate lies than to tweet a series of escalating and desperate lies to the public? 2018 has not been good to Trump and certainly not as good as 2016 was, or even 2017, when more people were willing to believe his lies.

A see-through wall is not a wall. It’s a fence. “The media” isn’t reporting that the concept of a wall was abandoned, Trump’s outgoing chief of staff John Kelly is. Trump has called his monument to racism a wall, a fence, steel slats, and several other terms, but it’s just a fence. There were no concrete walls even in the prototypes Trump so proudly displayed to his rabid fanbase.

It’s just a fence. There is no wall and there never will be.

Trump is ending the year with more whining and victim cards because he’s being criticized, something he and his followers are so quick to minimize when a person who suffers actual discrimination dares to call it out. If any president, no matter what his name is, suddenly pulled troops out of an area without conferring with his advisors, leaving allies who have fought and died alongside our own military, they would be criticized. Every single president is criticized by someone for every single action they take.

Donald Trump should know this. He’s done a lot of that criticizing.

Twitter was unamused by Trump’s little rant. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license