Trump Tweets NYE Downer Like The Boy Who Can’t Get A Date To The Dance


Donald Trump just can’t stop complaining about being “president” and being ” all alone” in the White House this holiday season. On Christmas Eve he tweeted out a big fat whiny orange baby post about how sad he was to be doing his job and blamed Democrats for it.

And he hasn’t stopped since!! I’ve lost track of exactly how many times he’s tweeted basically the same thing over and over, but if you want to put yourself through the grief and go count — here’s the link to his Twitter feed.

Incidentally, the tweet above was a big fat lie. Donald wasn’t “all alone” at all. His staff was there with him and even Melania decided to come back and spend the evening at the White House so that she and the Grinch-in-Chief could take calls from children and tell them that there is no Santa Claus. Yes — that really did happen. Just read this. SO embarrassing…

But now, it looks like he will indeed be “alone” on New Year’s Eve, as Melania has decided to stay back at Mar-a-Lago and make an appearance for Trump’s annual “I’m the President and you’re not” NYE shindig — you know, the one where people spend $1,000 each to go and praise their neon god…

This afternoon, Trump took to Twitter to complain, YET AGAIN, that he was stuck doing his job while we’re “all out partying.”

He did manage to remember to say, “Happy New Year,” which was received as you might expect. Here are some of our favorite responses:

So far, it appears that Trump has made no efforts to make a surprise appearance at Mar-a-Lago, but you never know what the night will bring. It would be just like his narcissistic ass to jump on Airforce One and take a quick trip down there and show up as the clock strikes midnight. (We’ll be watching for that.)

Featured image via YouTube.