Trump Threatens Nancy Pelosi On Twitter Like A Mental Patient


The Democrats have nothing to lose by not negotiating with Donald Trump over his medieval wall. Certainly, they want security at the country’s southern border and to mend the horror that the president inflicted on legal refugees. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepped back into her job January 3rd, and she is a powerhouse.

The Republicans could have managed to avoid this government shutdown. After all, they held the Senate, the House, and the presidency. However, they did not. If Trump had negotiated to include DACA (children brought to this country by their parents), that might have caused the Democrats to work out a deal. He did not.

Apparently, this is a job for a woman. Pelosi, who is third in line to the presidency, is a powerful woman doing a powerful job. Surely, she does not like to be told by the man at the top how she wanted to “start her tenure as Speaker” as he tweeted:

‘Border Security and the Wall “thing” and Shutdown is not where Nancy Pelosi wanted to start her tenure as Speaker! Let’s make a deal?’

One of the biggest problems with Trump’s wall was that he kept changing his mind. He agreed to a bipartisan DACA deal, and the two senators left the room. Then, the people milling around Trump changed his mind for him.

It will be interesting to see Pelosi in action. She grew up submersed in politics. Her father was a U.S. Congressman living in Baltimore, Maryland. She was the youngest of six children, and her brother was the mayor of Baltimore.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.