Nancy Pelosi Goes On ‘The Today Show’ – Tells Trump To Take His Wall & Shove It


For the entire duration of the holiday break and throughout the government shutdown of his own making, our so-called “president” has been ranting and raving about his big beautiful wall and how it’s all the evil Democrats’ and Nancy Pelosi’s fault that he can’t have it.

On New Year’s Day, he tweeted this directly to Nancy Pelosi:

Pelosi, not backing down, replied with this:

And, earlier Wednesday, in an interview with Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s Today Show, which is set to air on Thursday, Pelosi reiterated her stance and said in no uncertain terms that the House will not give Donald Trump a penny for the wall.

‘”We can go through this back and forth. No,” Pelosi said in a clip that aired on MSNBC on Wednesday. . “How many more times can we say ‘no’? Nothing for the wall.'”

Pelosi went on to say that the government shutdown has absolutely “nothing to do with Democrats” and that Trump is at fault and is holding the Federal government hostage so that he can fulfill his ridiculous campaign promise to build a border wall, which Pelosi noted — Trump promised Mexico will pay for.

‘”That is so ridiculous: A. Mexico’s not paying for it…and B. We have better use of funds to protect our border,” Pelosi said. “The president knows that.”‘

Nancy Pelosi is set to take over the House on Thursday.

The government shut down is now in its second week, and over 400,000 Federal workers have been furloughed without pay. On Wednesday, during a Cabinet meeting with members of Congress, Trump said that the shutdown will last “as long as it takes,” adding that it “could be a long time, or it could be quickly.”

When Congress reconvenes on Thursday, House Democrats will vote to pass a short-term spending bill, but it’s unlikely that Trump will sign it without getting exactly what he wants.

Featured image via Twitter.