House GOP Members Boo Ocasio-Cortez & She Tells Them Where To Stuff It


Judging by the way new House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already been treated by House GOP members it’s apparent they think she’s a weak link among the Democrats. It’s obvious they’re going to target her because they think it will weaken the Democratic caucus. Today after Ocasio-Cortez voted for Nancy Pelosi to be the new Speaker of the House, GOP members booed her. But Ocasio-Cortez had the backbone to tell them to stuff it.

Ocasio-Cortez posted the tweet along with a video of her vote, which shows some people groaning as she voted for Pelosi. The Republicans are so transparent it’s almost laughable. They’ll do anything they can to cause trouble, but they had better watch out taking on the strong-willed Ocasio-Cortez because she’s not going to take any of their crap.

It’s true that Ocasio-Cortez had her doubts about Pelosi retaking the gavel in the House when she was running for office. But she’s since come out and said that “all the challenges to Leader Pelosi are coming from her right.” But just because Ocasio-Cortez voted for Pelosi today doesn’t mean she’s going to vote in lock-step with everything she wants to do.

For instance today Ocasio-Cortez and two other Dems voted against a Democratic rules package championed by Pelosi, citing concerns over the “pay-as-you-go” provision. The “pay-as-you- go” provision, which requires a point of order against any bill that raises the deficit or reduces a surplus, could create additional hurdles in accomplishing progressive legislative priorities in areas including climate change.

The GOP might want to pick a different target than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because that woman will certainly fight back against them. She’s not one to be cowed into doing something she doesn’t want to do. It’s kind of funny that Ocasio-Cortez has only been on the job less than 24 hours and she’s already shook up the GOP.

Check out what the Twitterverse thought of today’s action in the House.


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