Kellyanne Makes Govt. Shutdown Declaration Looking Like The Crypt Keeper


It’s anyone’s guess why network and cable television news programs or White House reporters continue to give Trump’s former campaign manager and current White House advisor Kellyanne Conway airtime. The woman who coined the phrase “alternative facts” rarely offers anything other than lies and insults.

On Thursday, she continued that pattern by spinning the current 12-day-long government shutdown on incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, saying that Trump “doesn’t own the shutdown any longer.” However, just like most of the lies that those involved with the Trump administration have told, there is actual proof that Trump told Pelosi, as well as Chuck Schumer, that he would be “proud” to own the shutdown and that he planned it to go just this way.

After all, Trump said it on camera just over two weeks ago.

Conway, a woman whose claim to fame is getting the worst president in history elected by lying just well enough to convince some truly ignorant voters that Trump is a successful businessman who is intelligent enough to be the leader of the free world, insisted that Pelosi is now responsible for the shutdown because she was “rude” and “dismissive” of border agents during a Wednesday security briefing.

The briefing, apparently, was one in which Trump’s dire warnings of dangerous brown people coming to rape and murder everyone is the biggest issue Americans face today. Pelosi wouldn’t buy it, although there is no way for Americans to judge for themselves whether or not Pelosi was “rude” since, unlike Trump’s government shutdown promise, there is no video of the event.

Twitter wasn’t buying Conway’s newest lies, either. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube