GOP’rs Lose Their Minds After Congresswoman Uses ‘F-Word’ In Trump Speech


New Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was bound to make Republicans nervous and bring out their xenophobic rhetoric after being sworn in, but she ramped it up on Thursday night and the insults began flying immediately.

After her swearing in, Tlaib spoke on the steps of Congress to thunderous applause. One of her statements brought big cheers from supporters while the GOP promptly lost their minds.

‘People love you and you win. And when your son looks at you and says “Momma, look you won. Bullies don’t win.” And I said, “baby they don’t.”

‘“Because we’re going to go in there and impeach the motherf***er.’

The (ironically) outraged gasps took Twitter by storm.

Keep in mind, these are the same pearl-clutching Republicans who cheered when Trump called Mexicans rapists and criminals, who weren’t bothered by his “grab ’em by the p*ssy” remarks, who cheered when he cursed black football players for protesting police violence, and were fine with him referring to women as “dogs” and “horseface.”

This is also the same party who doesn’t see detaining small children separately from their families as a problem, were perfectly content with a president who said that our Muslim American citizens “hate us,” and calls liberals “snowflakes” when they are upset by the man currently residing in the White House committing crimes.

The rest of the country was supportive of Tlaib and understanding of her determination to unseat that bigoted snowflake in the White House. Read some of their comments below:

For a clip of Rep. Tlaib’s speech, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube