Nancy Pelosi Just Made Trump A Funding Offer On His Border Wall & It’s Great


Nancy Pelosi is funny. She just loves trolling the president of the United States, and he really does make it easy for her. His boyish tantrums over his useless border wall have given Pelosi a plethora of opportunities to make fun of The Donald. Pelosi has stood firm in her defiance against funding the wall, but now, she’s made Trump an offer in compromise.

While speaking to the media recently, Pelosi offered to give Donald $1 for the wall that experts have said will not stop illegal immigration. After a reporter asks Pelosi if Democrats would ever offer the president “even a dollar” for his wall, Pelosi responded:

“A dollar? A dollar? Yeah, one dollar.”

Pelosi later clarified in case Republicans started coming for that dollar, saying:

“We’re not doing a wall. Does anybody have any doubt about that? We are not doing a wall. So that’s that.”

She continued:

“It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with: The wall is an immorality between countries. It’s an old way of thinking [and] it isn’t cost-effective.”

Check out the video below via C-SPAN: