Pelosi Responds To Tlaib’s ‘MotherF*cker’ Remark Like A Total Badass


On Thursday, the 116th Congress was sworn in and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was elected as Speaker of the House for a record-breaking second time. She’s the first woman Speaker and the first woman to ever be elected twice.

In case you missed the historic moment, you can watch it in full below:

Not only did Speaker Pelosi break records, but so did the new Democratic House, in which more women hold seats than ever before. The House is also the most diverse as far as religion, race and sexual orientation than ever before — something that every American should be proud of!

Already, Pelosi is proving that she’s coming in fully prepared to stand up against Trump — she’s NOT going to take his BS. In an interview recorded on Wednesday that aired Thursday on the Today Show, Pelosi basically told Trump that he could take his wall and shove it!

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) January 2, 2019

And, after her newly elected colleague, Rep. Rashid Tlaib (D-Mich) said that she told her son that bullies don’t win and that “we’re going to go in and we’re going to impeach the motherf*cker,” (the “motherf*cker being Trump, obviously) Pelosi stood by Tlaib and said that though she wouldn’t use those exact words, they are nothing worse than what Trump would use.

Watch Tlaib’s remarks below:

Today, in an interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC, Pelosi said of Tlaib’s remarks:

‘I probably have a generational reaction to it, but in any event, I’m not in the censorship business.

‘I don’t like that language. I wouldn’t use that language, but I don’t establish any language standards for my colleagues. But I don’t think it’s anything worse than what the president has said.’

You can watch Nancy Pelosi’s remarks below:

This year is sure to be an interesting one, and packed full of people finally willing to stand up to this so-called “president.” I wasn’t too sure I was ready for Pelosi to be the House Speaker again — I wasn’t personally a fan before — but the Nancy Pelosi I’ve seen over the past few weeks gives me a lot of hope! It looks like she’s ready for a fight and she’s not planning to back down.

Featured image via YouTube.