Trump Wakes In Pelosi Panic, Runs To Twitter For Embarrassing AM Rants


Trump’s Twitter feed has become little more than a place for the president to whine and claim victim status, but his Friday morning tweets took that to a whole new level. As Democrats begin the legislative season, Trump is already blaming them for the slipping economy and is sure that he’s about to be impeached.

The economy is in freefall because Trump shut down the government and levied unnecessary tariffs on products the United States trades with other countries, tariffs that raise the prices of products that Americans buy every day. That money is not a tax that makes money flow into “the coffers” of the U.S. Treasury, it just raises prices.

Trump has been told, once most notably by a reporter on camera, that he did not win his election by the largest electoral college margin in history, his win percentage was near the bottom of all presidents who ever went on to win. He didn’t even win the popular vote in his election and his approval rating has remained exceedingly low among American voters.

Someone should also tell Trump that no matter how great a president may think he is, he can be impeached if there is proof that he committed crimes. Between campaign finance violations, the Mueller probe and what we’ve learned so far from it, stealing from his own charity foundation, and his business’s role in each of those alleged crimes, Trump’s presidency is threatened.

He can be impeached if the House passes an article of impeachment with two-thirds support from the Senate. That’s how you impeach any president, and this one is no exception.

Twitter was stunned by Trump’s outburst. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Michael Vadon under a Creative Commons license