Crooked Trump Caught Funneling Gov’t Shutdown Funds Into Real Estate


As Trump’s government shutdown extends into the new year with no end in sight, over 400,000 Federal employees have been furloughed or are currently working without pay.

But, surprising no one, Trump has somehow found a way to con US taxpayers out of money and use it to his own benefit.

On Wednesday, according to E&E NewsTrump managed to locate funds in order to reopen the historic clock tower that is located on top of his International Hotel in DC. The old clock tower was one of many cites run by the National Park Service that has been forced to close during this shutdown, but because Trump’s hotel depends on it, Trump had no problem using Federal funds to reopen it, even though hundreds of thousands of people out of work needed that money more than he did.

The government agency putting up the money to reopen the tower is the GSA, or Government Services Agency, and is the same agency that brokered the deal with the Trump Organization to open the hotel in the first place.

According to the Daily Mail:

‘Trump regularly praised the agency during his 2016 campaign even when he was calling for dramatic changes at other departments.

‘Other National Park Service entities have made efforts to remain open to the public in some capacity – either by allowing state governments to provide funding, accepting help from volunteers, and simply leaving checkpoints unmanned.

‘But in the case of the tower, some amount of funding was required to keep it open. It is set to open Friday, according to the report.’

Another interesting tidbit, and one that probably didn’t dawn on the Crime Boss-in-Chief when he asked the GSA for these funds, is that with the clock tower’s reopening comes the Congress Bells, which will now ring in the new Democratic House this week, where they are set to begin an extensive investigation into Trump.

Featured image via YouTube.