High Ranking Administration Member Jumps From Trump’s Quickly Sinking Ship


Donald Trump lied to the American people. He told us he was good at running large organizations. But judging by huge the number of people that have left his employ in the last two years, he’s definitely bad at managing his operations. Today another one of his high ranking administration members has announced that they no longer want to work for him, this time it’s the Department of Defense’s chief of staff Rear Adm. Kevin Sweeney.

Sweeney said in a brief statement that he planned to return to the private sector but gave no reason for his departure. Apparently Sweeney learned that Trump thought he knew more than the admirals too, not just the generals like he’s often bragged about. This news comes on the heels of the resignation of James Mattis who Sweeney used to serve under. In his statement he wrote

‘After two years in the Pentagon, I’ve decided the time is right to return to the private sector. It has been an honor to serve again alongside the men and women of the Department of Defense.’

Sweeney wasn’t the only other member of the Department of Defense to resign because Dana White, the spokesperson for the Pentagon, also announced her resignation too. She wrote on Twitter

‘I appreciate the opportunity afforded to me by this administration to serve alongside Secretary Mattis, our Service members and all the civilians who support them. It has been my honor and privilege. Stay safe and God bless.’

Their resignations all seem to have something to do with Trump’s idiotic decision to pull all of our troops out of the war on ISIS in Syria. A move that’s going to make things even harder for our coalition partners still fighting there. Heck even Trump’s own top envoy to anti-ISIS coalition forces in the region, Brett McGurk, resigned too. With just one announcement Trump has cleared out a lot of important people within our military leadership. If Trump stays in charge of the military much longer we might not have any leaders left.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube