Saturday Night Twitter Rant Proves Trump Has Officially Lost His Damn Mind


It’s kind of nice that Donald Trump puts all of his discombobulated thoughts on Twitter for us all to see. That way we all know what he’s thinking about his quickly sinking ship. Today he must be feeling real insecure about the job he’s doing for this country judging by the things he’s saying on his favorite form of communication.

“The Wall is coming.” Really Donald…didn’t you just tell us a couple of weeks ago that the wall is almost complete? How can it be coming if it’s almost done. If that was true why aren’t you saying “the wall is almost done.” It’s apparent that Trump has no idea what’s going on, because he’s not going to be getting a wall and he never will.

Here’s another deluded tweet he posted today.

First of all what the hell is CNS News? It must be some far right conservative news source that only publishes things that he wants to hear, whether they’re true or not. Second it’s true that we had the good news that there were over 300,000 new jobs created last month…but that was before Trump put almost 400,000 out of work with his idiotic Trump shutdown.

Trump also posted this

Immigration is the top concern of his base he should have said. The rest of us are concerned about healthcare, the economy, the federal budget/deficit. Immigration concerns are dropping quickly. But here’s something for him to think about. Since the Trump shutdown the government the Department of Homeland Security has taken a big hit…how much easier will it be for terrorists to get in now?

But have no fear because he’s apparently on the problem because he also announced

That’s sure to be a productive meeting. Hopefully those border security officers tell him that we have no need for a stupid wall and that things are under control at the border using our current deterrents; and also that he should reopen the government before something really bad happens.

Check out what the Twitterverse thought about his wall announcement–and boy are there some good ones.

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