Trump Caught Hiding Sensitive Documents From The Secret Service


Since 2016, we’ve been hearing almost daily about Donald Trump’s big beautiful wall that he’s going to build on our Southern border to keep families seeking asylum from entering our country. Despite Trump’s efforts to make this promise come to fruition, the majority of his government believes (rightfully so) that it would go against what our country stands for, and what it was built upon. With Trump so unwilling to compromise or listen to reason, he has caused a government shutdown which has now extended into the new year and its 2nd week.

Trump is still saying this shutdown will last “as long as it takes” for him to get his way, and while we believe him, but we also find it extremely interesting that he feels this way, considering he himself employs undocumented immigrants. Perhaps he likes them because he knows they will work for less money? We wouldn’t put it past him…

The women in the video above are not the only undocumented workers that Trump has hired at his golf clubs. In fact, back in December, the Washington Post reported that Trump’s NJ golf club was now being investigated by the FBI over allegations that undocumented employees were given fake green cards and other forms of identification in order to work there.

And, just today, the New York Times reported that another undocumented worker has come forward stating that her employment at Trump’s New Jersey club was hidden from investigators, including the Secret Service.

According to the Times:

‘A former employee of the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey said that her name was removed from a list of workers to be vetted by the Secret Service after she reminded management that she was unlawfully in the United States, the latest worker to assert that supervisors at the elite resort were aware that some members of their work force were undocumented.

‘Emma Torres, an undocumented immigrant from Ecuador who prepared food at the club, said that members of the kitchen staff were asked in 2016, as Donald J. Trump was in the midst of his campaign for the White House, to write their names, addresses and other details, including their Social Security numbers, on a list of employees that would be submitted to the Secret Service for clearance.’

Ms. Torres, who confessed she had used a fake social security number when applying for the job, said:

‘When I learned this is for the Secret Service to see the records of everyone because they are giving protection to Mr. Trump, I rushed to human resources. I thought, God, what will I do?’

Torres then stated that she rushed to Human Resources and that a person in the department said, “It’s O.K. No problem,” and scratched her name off of the list. Ms. Torres was then asked to name any other employees that she knew were undocumented, which she did. She then said that she believes that their names were also taken off the list for the Secret Service, because they too were still employed at the club.

Ms. Torres’ position was never terminated, despite promises from the Trump Organization to fire any undocumented workers employed at the resort. In fact, she left of her own accord in 2017 after finding employment elsewhere.

Once again, this is another case of Trump doing things only to benefit Trump. Are you surprised? Because we’re not.

Featured image via YouTube.