Pelosi’s Dems Introduce Trump Tax Return Bill That Will Rock Donald’s World


Today is probably the most nerve-wracking day the president has seen since he took office nearly two years ago. Thanks to House Democrats winning more midterm elections than Republicans, the country will soon see an end to Donald Trump’s unhindered attacks on this country, the planet, and even the atmosphere.

Democrats have finally taken over Congress, and they have really hit the floor running. Top Senate Finance Committee member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) just introduced legislation that would force the president to finally release his long-awaited tax returns.

Wyden said this about the president:

“Trump blew off a 40-year, bipartisan, pro-transparency tradition by refusing to release his tax returns — a tradition that dates all the way back to Watergate. It’s not just a matter of the president destroying a good-government campaign tradition.”

Wyden continued:

“Week after week more questions are raised about Trump’s financial connections that could influence his foreign and tax policy decision making. This legislation is the one-two punch needed to keep the Trump administration from stonewalling congressional oversight efforts, and ensure public transparency if Trump’s tax returns get tied up in court.”

Many times, Trump has said that he was advised not to release his tax returns because he was being audited, something experts, and even the IRS, has said would not affect Trump’s abilities to make the documents public. The president sticks to his lie, however, and has pretty much let go of the issue all together.

Until now.

This isn’t the first time Wyden has tried to push the issue of Trump’s potential tax scheming, however, even calling last year for the IRS to investigate the president’s finances. Wyden said:

“These media reports represent serious and credible allegations of potentially illegal tax fraud, based on extensive documentation.”