Former Canadian Prime Minister Curses Out Trump, Backs Up Rashida Tlaib


President Donald Trump remains wildly unpopular, both in the United States and abroad. This week, former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell joined the chorus of those condemning the belligerent commander-in-chief, and in so doing, she backed up new Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who’s attracted heat for asserting that the new Democratic House majority will “impeach the motherfucker!” speaking of Trump.

Campbell was commenting on Trump’s repeated dismissal of concerns about hundreds of thousands of government workers who’ve been left indefinitely without pay thanks to the ongoing partial government shutdown. Recently, when pressed as to what safety net is in place for these workers while speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden, Trump insisted that his long sought but not yet materialized border wall serves as the safety net.

In response, in a since deleted tweet, Campbell exclaimed:

‘He really IS a motherf**ker!’

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Ironically enough, Campbell and Tlaib hold similar distinctions. Campbell was the first and so far only female Canadian prime minister, while Tlaib is one of the first two Muslim Congresswomen, both of whom were elected this year.

All those who have grumbled about the word in recent days must have never heard of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed or something. Day after day, he comes up with petty, often profane nicknames for his political enemies. California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff became “Adam Schitt,” and Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal became “Da Nang Dick,” in reference to his dubious claims of service in the Vietnam War.

Those are just two examples in an ocean of possibilities. What about “Crooked Hillary Clinton,” who’s a “nasty woman”? What about the members of the press who are to Trump “the enemy of the people” — and have had their lives threatened multiple times while he’s been in power pushing his rhetoric?

Anyone who speaks out against Tlaib or Campbell has entered a somehow new level of laughable ridiculousness.

Even more hilariously ridiculously, Trump has spoken about against Tlaib’s language himself, apparently long gone into his self-aggrandizing fantasy.

At that same press conference Campbell commented on, Trump whined:

‘I thought her comments were disgraceful. I think she dishonored her family using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), for her part, has said that while she “wouldn’t use that language,” she’s “not in the censorship business.”

As for the other component to Tlaib’s comment, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have previously insisted that impeachment might be a viable option at some point but it shouldn’t be rushed into.

Any consideration of Tlaib’s proposal to impeach Donald Trump currently sits on the back burner as Congress continues to deal with the government shutdown. Trump has refused to approve any further funding without the billions of dollars he wants for his long sought border wall blocking off Mexico. The stalemate has been dragging on for weeks at this point, and Trump has insisted that he’s both willing to have the shutdown drag on for years and to try and use executive powers under a state of national emergency to get the wall built.

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