Fox News’ Shep Smith Goes Ballistic On McConnell – Mitch’s Face Lights Up


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) must be terrified of Donald Trump’s tweets or willing to sell his soul just to get his conservative judges in place. He stood on the floor of the Senate giving it his all for the president’s wall between the U.S. and Mexico. You know it is bad when Fox News interrupts McConnell to fact-check the senator.

McConnell was trying to compete with the president for exaggerations and/or mistruths when he claimed “a negotiated solution” will magically show up. He said the Democrats and Republicans will come together in the House and in the Senate and pass a wall bill for the man currently sitting in the Oval Office.

Sounding more like a heated minister than a Majority Leader, McConnell finally got to Fox News’ Shep Smith who said:

‘Democrats insist that proposal is not possible.’

At that point, Smith explained the background of the border dispute. He said that Trump had used “Build the Wall” as a campaign chant. However, the entire time, then-candidate Trump promised that Mexico, not the U.S., would pay for it. The Mexican presidents vehemently refused to agree, so now POTUS wants the U.S. citizens to pay for his memorial wall.

Smith continued:

‘Now the president says he will keep the government shut down, he said for months or years if necessary, while waiting for the funding which the House of Representatives says it will not give. So there’s the impasse. One side or the other must budge at some point. At the moment the ones in charge of the purse strings are Democrats in the House of Representatives, and they’re not giving him the money — at least not now.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.