Stormy Daniels Announces LIVE Panty Show During Trump Speech (IMAGE)


There was a time that, when the president spoke on television, Americans had no choice but to listen. With the advent of the internet, there are now always other options, and one of those options was announced on Tuesday by adult film star and director Stormy Daniels.

Thanks to Daniels, viewers can now choose between listening to Trump lie and demonize undocumented immigrants or watching something entertaining and probably far more useful. It will, at the very least, be less harmful to children. Watching a porn star fold laundry with exposed breasts will do far less to contaminate minds than listening to the president talk about how evil and dangerous brown people are.

Many Americans won’t be watching Trump’s address to the nation tonight in protest of his racist and xenophobic lies. In the past 17 days of the government shutdown, Trump’s desperation has ramped up into wild tales of former presidents telling him they wished they’d had his border wall idea and insisting that thousands of known terrorists have been apprehended trying to come into the U.S. through the southern border. No matter how many times those lies are debunked (and rather easily, as well), Trump and his supporters and sycophants, like Vice President Mike Pence, have repeated them. Tuesday night’s broadcast will no doubt just be more of the same.

For all of those who are tired of hearing the lies, the racism, the fear-mongering, and the posturing of Trump in support of his vanity wall, there’s now a much better alternative.

Twitter was in full support of the alternative viewing offered. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube