Teacher Caught On Video Dragging Autistic Child – Karma Hits Swift & Hard


The violation of trust involved in a teacher abusing the child of a parent who placed that child in the teacher’s care with the understanding that her child would be cared for is a serious one, indeed. It took a full two months for one mother in Kentucky to see the teacher who dragged her child through multiple hallways in front of other teachers and children to finally see some justice.

CNN reports that the child dragged through hallways on videos that went viral has been diagnosed with “autism, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety and depression. In addition, his speech is also limited.”

In a statement, Superintendent Sherry Horsely said:

‘The teacher was removed from the school and a formal investigation was conducted. The superintendent also followed protocol and reported the incident to the Kentucky Education Standards Board.’

That removal took more than two months. The video that led to the teacher’s firing was shared on Facebook by the child’s mother, Angel Nelson, in October 2018.

‘Angel Nelson told CNN Monday that her son was removed from a classroom after he had an outburst. Video from the school’s cameras, which Nelson shared on Facebook, appears to show a woman dragging a young boy by the wrists through the school’s hallways. At different points in the video, the boy is either lying on his back or sliding on his knees.’

The child has detailed further violence that happened off-camera after he needed a break from classroom activities and had become overwhelmed. The teacher, in order to prove a point that she could make the student do her bidding, pushed him down into a chair and twisted his wrist.

‘Nelson said the teacher grabbed her son by the wrist and bent it backward. She then dragged the boy down the hallway “from one classroom into another.” The camera within the classroom was turned toward a corner, Nelson said, so there’s no video of what happened in the classroom. Her son said the teacher threw him down hard onto a chair, Nelson wrote in her Facebook post.
‘”We will never truly know what took place behind that closed door because of my son’s speech limitations,” Nelson wrote on Facebook. “This incident was violent enough to not only injure my child, but to also destroy his shoes.”‘

A doctor confirmed that the child sustained injuries due to the abuse. At this level, child abuse cannot be addressed by simply firing a teacher. Criminal charges should be considered by both the school district and the child’s mother.

‘He had a confirmed sprain in one of his wrists. In the days following, he suffered swelling and bruising around his wrist.’

Featured image screenshot via video